PatientSafetyHub.com is a not-for-proft endeavor dedicated to generating discussion, sharing best practices and evaluating ideas designed to improve patient safety at all nodes of the healthcare continuum.  This will be done by posting information pertaining to clinical practice, health-system informatics, Quality initiatives, reviews of important patient safety related studies, issues of leadership and pharmacy/medication safety recommendations.  The primary audience for this endeavor are those who can effect change in the provision of healthcare – professionals and consumers alike.  I envisage health-system administrators, informaticists, nurses, pharmacists, physicians and other clinicians to read and contribute to patientsafetyhub.com.  I also expect to provide a forum for consumers, patients and healthcare professionals to anonymously and safely report their experiences with medical errors or unsafe practices in an effort to alert others to potential danger points in health care processes.

PatientSafetyHub.com is currently in the early stages of development and I urge you to go through the Quick Registration process (See top left of this page), join the community and begin contributing your thoughts on existing topics right away.  My goal is to build the most dynamic and relevant community of healthcare professionals and concerned consumers dedicated to promoting patient safety in the world and to provide that community with information that nourishes and promotes the advancement of patient safety.

A word about privacy… Patientsafetyhub.com will never sell your personal information to anyone.   Please see the privacy policy here for more details.

and finally, my thoughts on advertising… My goal is to keep this site free of advertising of any kind for as long as possible.  As the site and community grows, patientsafetyhub.com will explore discrete and privacy-enabling avenues of funding to offset the cost of programming and site management.

Once again, welcome to Patientsafetyhub.com


Jamaal Hussain, RPh, PMP

Administrator, PatientSafetyHub.com